my case face is the Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

Today we find that most phone cases are expensive and unattractive. Just because these cases are meant to protect phones from drops and scuffs doesn’t mean they have to be so mediocre.

A lot of times we also find ourselves buying or receiving really boring cases from friends and family. These cases are referred to as “custom” cases just because they have some design printed on them. However, within a couple of weeks, if not days, these custom cases become quite boring.

When holidays are coming up and you’re probably in the same boring case dilemma when looking to find gifts. How are you going to find that perfect case for friends and family while knowing for certain that they won’t get bored of it?

You don’t.

Instead of searching for the “one and only” case, you should be searching for a case that can become anything its owner wants it to be. Meet my case face .com.

Why the my case face Is the Perfect Gift for Friends and Family

my case face  is a special case that doesn’t have a built-in and unchangeable design. Rather, my case face .com takes a different approach to cases.

When you purchase a my case face case you’re actually buying a clear case for your phone and an insert design. The insert design can be a photo of your family or friends for example. Once the case arrives you simply insert the design into the rear of the case, and snap it over your phone.

Another great perk of purchasing a my case face case or insert is that you can create and download a matching wallpaper for your phone. This allows phone owners to insure that the back of their phones and the front are both customized and consistent.

my case face  makes for a perfect gift because the receiver of the case isn’t locked into a certain design. If they want to change how their case looks they simply order another insert from mycaseface .com. By using the online my case face designer you can create custom designs with images, text and filters. Filters work just like they do on Instagram: by adding a cool effect to the image at hand and giving it an interesting look. Currently there are six different filters available in the online designer.

The greatest thing about my case face is that you can change your design as many times as you want each day to reflect your mood, sport, likes, hobbies and so forth.

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