my case face Brings Custom and Affordable Cases to Artists and Customers

Humans have a natural trait that makes them aspire to be unique. A simple glance at the clothing or furniture market reaffirms this theory. find web name There are sites like Threadless and Spreadshirt that lets designers and consumers move away from bland products to create their own original designers that stand out and inspire others.

So far the options for creating custom cases have been bleak. Most services create custom cases for $20-40 a case. Not to mention that these cases can’t be customized.

my case face hopes to change all of that by empowering designers and customers alike. The my case face case is a clear skeleton which can be customized with any designed-insert. A case and insert costs only $19.99, and an insert by itself is $6.99. You can even download a matching wallpaper design for to accompany your case insert design.

For the same price that you could buy a single case on any custom case website, you can buy three to six custom inserts from my case face. As long as you have the clear my case face case then it can be customized with any insert you would like to use that day depending on your mood, occasion or fashion. Inserts just slip into the clear my case face case and snap onto your phone. It’s really that simple to customize your phone with this case!

This affordability opens up the market and gives consumers the chance to customize their phones in ways never possible before. Consumers used to be limited to one single expensive case, but now they can finally move away from that with my case face.

The my case face site also has an online designer that lets artists and customers alike design their own case inserts. These inserts can either be ordered or they can be shared via the my case face store.

Just like Threadless and Spreadshirt pays designers a royalty for sales made on products, so does my case face. The moment you make a sale you receive a royalty.

my case face is a great opportunity for consumers and artists to break away from the bland and expensive cases out there. The only limitation to it is your own imagination. How will you utilize this custom-case solution?

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