Breaking into the Custom Case Design Market

The possibilities of breaking into the mobile case market today are really grim. If you’re an artist and you want to sell your own work then you’re at a dead end with a lot of the custom case solutions. list of sites . Most of the custom case businesses sell their cases for $20-40. If you try and add a royalty on that it will be really impossible to sell your cases to customers.

Printing your own cases is not an option either. It can cost thousands of dollars to bulk order cases and to buy the equipment necessary to produce them.

The real solution for artists to sell custom cases is The case is different from the completion in the sense that it’s not stuck with the design it comes with. Whereas any other customized case can’t be changed, the can. This is because the case is a clear plastic skeleton that can have any design inserted into it before being snapped onto a mobile device.

With the online designer you can design your case inserts, and even sell them online to earn royalties. Customers that already own the cases can purchase your inserts starting at $6.99. Customers that don’t already have the edition case can buy a case and insert and wallpaper combo for $24.99.

In addition to selling custom cases and inserts you can even provide customers with digital wallpapers for $.99. This wallpaper can match their case insert for an added customization.

The best part about is that if your customers enjoy your work, they can always come back for more. With the $20-40 customized cases, chances are your customers would only buy one of your cases and never come back.

With the store, they can come back and buy more design inserts for $6.99 and up. For the same price that you can buy one customized case at any other competitors, you can buy three to six customized inserts at This affordability makes it really easy on customers, which in turn opens up many possibilities for artists and designers.


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